Using Zoom for Synchronous Meetings

You are not expected to create a completely asynchronous course. Plan to hold your regular class meetings in Zoom. To begin, you will need to schedule a Zoom meeting in your Canvas course site. Try to have some time at the beginning of class as well for a "check-in." Make the most of the time you can see and hear each other in real time.

We do not advise using this time to show movies or give a long lecture without student interaction. Movies can be assigned for viewing outside of class and lectures can be pre-recorded. Use your Zoom time to engage with students.

Don't host alone! By default everyone with a "teaching staff" role in Canvas (faculty, TFs, Course Support Staff) are added as alternate hosts to your meeting. Make students co-hosts, to allow them to present in class.

You may wish to record your class meetings for students to review later. Harvard has created Rules and Best Practices for the Recording of Classroom Sessions Conducted via Zoom. You should review this before you begin.

For students, Harvard has created a Quick Start: Learning Remotely for Students with Zoom.

Other Zoom Resources