Share Digital Course Materials​

Organize materials with Canvas

Add files to your Canvas site. Files can be any document (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, etc) that you hold rights to. The files section of Canvas should not be used to upload copyright-protected materials. If you have course readings, please contact and they will be able to link existing digital material, as well as scan materials that qualify for fair use on your site.

You can organize your course with modules, adding assignments, files, Canvas pages. See the instructions on how to add course content as module items.

Integrate library resources

The Harvard Libraries are full of bountiful resources, even now when we are far from campus. Everything from digitized texts to online journals to streaming video are available to create learning environments for your courses. Please see our Library Resources section for ways to contact the library to work with you on making these resources available.

Organize media collections in Panopto​

If you have videos that you have already created, it is easy to upload to Panopto, as Panopto is already on your course site. HUIT has created easy instructions for uploading media directly so that you can make it available for students.