Instructional Resources

Teaching online is not just about technology tools. The type of classroom activity - lectures, discussions, seminars - require similar but somewhat different approaches, and different ways to gauge student progress toward learning. Harvard's Teach Remotely site has a wealth of online pedagogical resources you should explore, including:

  • Pre-recording lectures and save live sessions for active learning
  • Holding synchronous (live) course meetings
  • Providing assessment and feedback
  • Facilitating group work
  • Sharing course materials
  • Language practice
  • Building & sustaining course community

Pre-Term Checklist

In this site, we have curated resources to help you with the most common tasks for teaching online. To prepare for this fall, here are the top 3 things you should do before the semester starts:

  1. Record your Course Information Video
  2. Add a syllabus (even a draft is helpful) to your course site
  3. Send your syllabus list to the Library