Instructional Resources

Teaching with an online component is not just about technology tools. The type of classroom activity - lectures, discussions, seminars - require similar but somewhat different approaches, and different ways to gauge student progress toward learning. Harvard's Teach Remotely site has a wealth of online pedagogical resources you should explore, including:

  • Pre-recording lectures and save live sessions for active learning
  • Holding synchronous (live) course meetings
  • Providing assessment and feedback
  • Facilitating group work
  • Sharing course materials
  • Language practice
  • Building & sustaining course community

Pre-Term Checklist

In this site, we have curated resources to help you with the most common tasks for teaching hybrid courses. To prepare for your next course, here are the top 3 things you should do before the semester starts:

  1. Record your Course Information Video
  2. Add a syllabus (even a draft is helpful) to your course site
  3. Send your syllabus list to the Library