Canvas Course Sites

Canvas is the web platform Harvard uses for its course sites. You can find all your course sites listed at On canvas you will create your course introduction video, add your syllabus and assignments, schedule course meetings in Zoom, and much more. We encourage you to explore all features of Canvas.

At a minimum, courses should have:

  • A course information video
  • A syllabus
    • Add course administrative information - such as Course Requirements, Office Hours, recommended texts -  to syllabus page as plain text

    • You can also upload and link a pdf copy of your syllabus for students who prefer to have a printable version

  • Schedule your Zoom sessions
  • Reading List
    • Send your reading list to They will will the readings and links to any digital material to your reserves list found in the course navigation. For more Library services, see the Library Resources page on this site

Make sure you publish your site as soon as possible for students to shop. The minimum needs for a site for shopping are a syllabus (a draft is fine) and course information video

Other recommended configurations for Canvas:

Academic Technology Consultant program

Academic Technology Consultants are graduate students with competencies in Canvas, media and A/V services, online classroom technologies, and commonly used software programs. Please see the Consultation and Course Design Services page for more information

Other Canvas information