Assessments are not just helpful for faculty to gauge learning, but for students to see their own progress. Be sure that your assignments are designed to reinforce the learning from the class and help the students apply what they have learned. Use Canvas to create and collect assignments, and use rubrics to provide consistent feedback​ for the students.

In many classes, participation can be a large component of the grade. Student comments can be more easily recorded since Zoom retains a video archive of the entire class.

In an online setting, consider using students’ Chat comments and reflections as additional inputs to a student’s participation grade, and a supplement to the spoken word. This can help draw in students who may be somewhat quiet in “speaking,” and can also help limit frivolous chat. You can also save the chat record from your Zoom sessions (private chats are not saved) to review later. If you decide to use Chat in participation grading, you should be sure to let students know about this norm before you start teaching.