Tools and Techniques for Online Teaching and Learning​

In preparation for the Fall 2020 semester, HDS and Harvard have prepared a set of technology tools and pedagogies for online instruction.

Familiar technologies – primarily the Canvas online classroom environment and Zoom meeting software – have been linked and enhanced with new teaching tools. Please take time to explore these resources and refer back to them during the semester. For questions or technology troubleshooting, email the Harvard University IT Service Desk at or call 617.495.7777. For HDS-specific questions, email the HDS academic technology team at


VPAL University-wide Showcase, January 12-14, 2021



Revisit the 2020 HILT Conference!


ATC Virtual Office Hours


Technology Outage Contingency Planning

The Office of the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning, in partnership with the Teaching and Learning Centers, is hosting a University-wide virtual event series, " Teaching in Unprecedented Times: A Fall 2020 Showcase," to recognize this semester in a way that honors the efforts of our faculty, staff, and students; surface some of the most impactful innovations, and how some of the biggest challenges have been addressed; and inform and inspires for the future. Pre-register today!


Explore our 2020 Conference, "Championing Equitable Instruction and Inclusive Classrooms." Visit our resources page to view all breakout sessions and plenary recordings, and related resources.

The HDS Academic Technology Consultants (ATCs) are available for drop-in sessions to work with you via Zoom. See the schedule and Zoom links on the HDS Intranet


Due to the potential for global outages and interruptions, it is more important than ever to have a clear plan in place should your Internet connection, Zoom meeting, or Canvas class be disrupted. In order to better communicate with your students in the event of an issue, the Harvard University Information Technology group has put together a number of valuable instructional contingency recommendations.



HDS uses Canvas online course technology for conducting coursework and administering classes. Use your Harvard Key to log in. The Canvas help menu includes training and commonly asked questions. 


Live class sessions, appointments with instructors, and other activities will be largely conducted through Zoom online meeting technology. Learn the best practices for using Zoom in the classroom. 


Staff of the Andover-Harvard Theological Library can help you in multiple ways with remote research, teaching, and learning. Get more information